Nobody does recruitment like we do.

We promise we will never be generic or just another clone. We make sure we understand you and where you would fit in and we are meticulous in our profiling and research. We will spend time with you during the whole process and afterwards to make sure we got it right.

You’re the star of the show

A common misconception about recruitment and recruitment agents (or consultants) is that everyone is working solely for the client, screening and evaluating individuals. In reality, you as the candidate are the rock star, the gold dust and the salt of the earth. And our clients know this.

We know this business

Okay so our recruitment agents aren’t coding geniuses. That’s where you come in after all. We do love it though when our candidates update us on the latest trends and buzzwords. We are not saying we understand technical areas better than our candidates, but we believe we can beat most of the competition.

Let us do the searching

A thousand years ago, Scandinavians believed the all-father Odin kept himself informed of what was going on in the world using his two ravens Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory), whom he sent flying to all the worlds where they observed everything and reported back to Odin. We want to be your ravens in search of new inspiration.

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