Recruitment Raven Rants

February 24, 2021

Hiring trends tech firms should look out for in 2021

With the arrival of COVID-19 in spring of last year, the recruitment industry across the board has seen much disruption with many companies temporarily slowing their […]
January 13, 2021

How Recruiting Programmers are changing the E-sports Industry?

The gaming industry across the globe has come a long way with over 2.34 billion gamers recorded in 2018. Accompanied by that, millions of fans are […]
January 13, 2021

Big Data – How to best utilise data in Recruitment

Big data is a buzzword that has gained a lot of traction over the last century. Officially described as ”Extremely large data sets that may be […]
January 13, 2021

A developers guide on how to handle a Recruiter

So, the time has come for you to take the next step. For whatever reason you have decided to leave your current job and change into […]
June 20, 2019

Are you losing talent due to your recruitment process?

If your process is longer then 3 stages, the answer is yes. If your process is 3 stages, the answer is probably still yes. Many skills […]