Nobody does recruitment like we do. We spend more time understanding both client and candidate to better match skills and culture. Contact a Korp Talent raven and watch your recruitment journey take to the skies.

Recruitment Ravens

Robert Banerjee

Head Raven | Senior Recruitment Specialist

+46 (0)709 54 51 51

I like to think I know my space in my space and all about my space. I am the hiring manager’s right-hand man, Data Guru and Recruitment Scientist! Some might even say Sweden’s go-to data Recruitment raven. Processed and efficient, what else is there to say?

Joe Maddison

Raven | Recruitment Specialist

+46 709 45 21 00

Work rate, nothing compares to it.

Be the best not through natural ability, but through drive, dedication and focus. Even chick ravens have to fly the nest, then they become a predator of the skies. When I’m not scanning my landscape for candidates my mind is never too far from planning my next adventure around this crazy rock called earth.

Ebba Carling

Raven | Senior Recruitment Specialist

+46 709 68 91 00

Ebba är uppvuxen i Malmö och har bott i England sedan sex år. Hon hjälper systemutvecklare runt om i Sverige att hitta sin nästa arbetsgivare och tycker att det är extra kul att hjälpa juniora utvecklare att hitta sitt första jobb. Utöver rekrytering så försöker hon lära sig programmering.

Management Team

Kasper Aase

Managing Director

+46 (0)706 390 390

Kasper Aase is an experienced manager who has recruited for IT consultancy companies in Sweden for more than 17 years and has first-hand knowledge of how hard it can be to fill all those vacant positions.

Christian Lauritzen

Advisory Board Member

Christian is an experienced entrepreneur, adviser and management consultant with an extensive network.

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